Boston University Art Education

2021 BA/MFA Thesis


As a teacher, it’s vital to lead with empathy, acknowledging the different struggles students may be facing while also being a listener and making sure students feel heard. 

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I believe that the art classroom can be a place where the most important life-long lessons are internalized. Students will have the chance to engage with their creative-thinking side which will aid them throughout their life as a successful functioning adult within society. 

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If these students will one day become the future, then we should make sure we are promoting multiple intelligences, amplifying voices of diversity, encouraging questioning and understanding, empowering character and confidence, and finally, celebrating differences in a way that unifies rather than divides.

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Core to my role as an art educator is an unwavering respect for students: who they are, where they are from, and who they will be. 

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We are at the first steps of our student’s lives as they emerge into a larger, greater world, so let’s get them there through teaching these skills, habits, and knowledge while also modeling care and optimism along the way. 

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